Importance of good lighting in the workplace

Offices need bright spaces and abundant natural light. Dim and poorly lit rooms are sometimes a source of laziness for the workforce. However, with the increasing number of office jobs, some of the rooms are set deep inside buildings making it hard for natural light to reach. But there are companies who offer solutions such as fibre optic technology capable of transferring light from the roof deep into the building.

Productivity and health benefits of natural light

Studies have shown that good lighting environments improve the satisfaction and productivity of workers. People who work in a well lit natural environment are known to have had a better night’s sleep improving their productivity the next day. Workspaces with natural light are also known to reduce the eye strain that causes headaches and poor vision, improve mood and reduce both drowsiness and mistakes by workers. Look for more information here.

Parans Solar Lighting

Parans Solar Lighting is one company that offers energy-efficient solutions for bringing natural light deep into the heart of buildings. The technology harvests sunlight from the roof of the building and transports it deep within using fibre-optic cables. Natural sunlight can then be diffused into those rooms. Applying this technology in workspaces can improve workers’ productivity as well as their overall wellbeing by increasing their exposure to natural light.