Quitting Smoking? Here’s how!

In recent years, those of us who smoke are becoming the minority. Laws are cracking down on when and where we can smoke and the tax on nicotine products is rising. In addition, there are more public displays on how bad smoking is for health with more emphasis on the prevention of the product in its entirety. To this effect, many people are trying to quit smoking. Harder than it might seem, here are a few ways to ease yourself down the path of being a quitter.

The first thing to do is make a list about what it is you like about smoking. This is the key to knowing what method will work best for you. For example, some people just have the habit of having something in their mouth. If this is the case for you, then nicotine gum could be an option to aid the quitting process. Another option here would be snus. Snus is a dry tobacco contained in a small pouch. Popular in Scandinavian countries, it is simply placed under the top lip and kept there until the flavour runs out. The nicotine is absorbed through the soft thin skin found behind your top lip. In this way you still get a nicotine kick without having to smoke.

Snus is a flavoured tobacco product that many people find very pleasant tasting. It should be placed under the upper lip rather than the lower, and in this way, there is no need to spit as there is with chewing tobacco. The product comes in neat pouches, so there is no mess. It is as unobtrusive as chewing a piece of gum.

There are multiple advantages to using snus compared to smoking cigarettes. Smoking is addictive because of the nicotine, but this itself is not the dangerous part of tobacco. The nicotine is not carcinogenic, neither does it contribute to heart disease or lung conditions. While snus contains nicotine, it does not have any of the harmful effects that smoking does. Those who use snus reportedly take in much less of the addictive nicotine, putting users on the path to smoking recovery. Snus also contains far fewer of some of the other chemicals found in ordinary smoking tobacco.

Other people find that they need to use their hands as they are used to holding onto a cigarette. Again, snus can be used in these cases as it does require some handling to prepare it. Another suggestion would be to brush your teeth or grab a drink every time you feel that your hands need to do something. Make a new habit for your hands – preferably a healthy one.

Everyone is different though, and often no one method will work. Whatever way you choose to quit, it should be done when you are in a good mood. This will aid the process rather than hinder it.