The Best Medical Websites

The Internet has revolutionised the ways in which we can access and interact with information. Of course, this is just as true for the medical community. While it is always advised that a doctor should be consulted if an illness is suspected, there are a number of online portals that offer a truly unprecedented amount of information. As it can be a bit confusing to understand which sites are the most trustworthy, let us look at some of those that are the most respected.


This is likely the most trusted medical website in existence, as much of the information is contributed by medical professionals. WebMD is excellent at explaining nearly every disease and a user-friendly symptom checker will help the individual to determine what condition they may be suffering from. As WebMD is considered to be the largest online medical portal, it is likely that the information presented here is the most accurate and up to date.


Like WebMD, HealthCentral provides the user with a wealth of information that has been written by experts. As some is also offered by the patients themselves, both sides of the proverbial “spectrum” can be understood. However, there is also a large multimedia portal; ideal for those who do not wish to wade through what can prove to be confusing textual descriptions.


As the name suggests, WrongDiagnosis is primarily involved in providing objective and medically accurate information to those seeking to discover an existing illness or ailment. This objective source is continually updated and the facts are presented in a manner that is easy to understand for the average reader. Still, it should be noted that any diagnoses offered here are merely opinions. It is always necessary to consult a medical professional to determine the exact nature of any suspected disease or sickness.

Mayo Clinic

While the physical institution has been in existence for decades, its virtual counterpart is just as effective in providing up-to-date information in regards to a multitude of disease. There is a handy symptom checker and a useful review of the latest drugs and supplements; offering a well-rounded approach. This site is also highly interactive and options such as the ability to find a doctor and even a resource for medical professionals further contributes to the usefulness of Mayo Clinic.

So, it is clear to see that the average individual can access a truly limitless amount of information with the simple click of a button. With such robust amounts of data, the detection and treatment of many conditions have never been more effective.