The most common health issues today

In the modern world, particularly in developed nations, many of the most common health issues today are heavily influenced by an individual’s lifestyle and choices. In the past, the most common ailments were caused by contagious diseases while today the primary concerns are with non-contagious health problems. In this article, we will look at two of the most common and prevalent health issues facing humanity today, and while these two are on the rise there are ways of reducing their risk which we also take a look at.


Cancer remains at or near the top of most lists. Along with genetics, which we have limited control over, the main causes of cancer are smoking, sun exposure, alcoholism, and obesity. Each one of these factors is something that individuals can take a measure of responsibility for. For men, the most common form of cancer is prostate cancer, and breast cancer remains number one for women. While anticancer drugs and procedures are improving we are far from forming a complete cure so early detection is proving critical. Along with screening, people can reduce cancer risks by exercising, eating healthily, reducing alcohol intake, and quitting smoking.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is also on the rise despite mortality rates decreasing which is leading many to conclude that lifestyle again is one of the leading causes. In the United States for example heart disease now kills more people than cancer. The causes of heart disease are often able to be mitigated by individuals and include things like high-fat diets, smoking, and lack of exercise. Regular check-ups, dietary changes and getting more exercise will all help reduce a person’s risk of developing heart disease.